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California Businesses Are On The Move

We’ve worked with more than 200 California businesses who chose to expand or relocate to Greater Phoenix. Additionally, 30% of our 300+ prospects in our pipeline are California-based businesses that are seeking a place to scale operations and provide a better quality of life for their employees. From the rising costs to do business, congestion and high cost of living, it’s no secret why business leaders in California are seeking an alternative place to operate. We know it’s not an easy decision to relocate your business, but when you start to evaluate your situation, you’ll see that you could save money, scale somewhere with amazing talent, and stretch your hard earned dollars much further.

California Companies We've Worked With

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Maybe you’re curious about how business relocation can improve YOUR numbers. We’ve got a solution and best of all, it’s free. It’s called a MetroComp. You give us some numbers and information about your business and we’ll give you an eight-page comparison report. Easy.


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Relentless about innovation

Greater Phoenix is a fast-paced and dynamic environment, possessing an unapologetic willingness to get things done making it one of the top regions to do business. Arizona leadership is steadfast in assuring that the state is welcoming to new business and seeks opportunities to pass policy that paves the way for innovation, collaboration and first mover advantage. From the FinTech Sandbox (HB 2434) to the smart contract bill to the WearTech and blockchain innovation institutes, Arizona takes action and California businesses are taking notice. With a density of tech talent that is growing faster than in San Francisco, Greater Phoenix is positioned for continuous growth.

$25.61 per Sq. ft
$61.23 per Sq. ft

Greater Phoenix: Fast Facts

Educated Workforce

Greater Phoenix has an extremely competitive workforce while maintaining one of the lowest costs for labor in the nation.

Pro-Business Environment

From aggressive tax credits and incentives to programs designed to increase capital, Greater Phoenix offers a robust, pro-business environment.

Removing the Red Tape

Arizona offers a minimalist regulatory approach, no corporate franchise tax and is constitutionally recognized as a right-to-work state.

Economic Dev. Programs

Programs include the Quality Jobs Tax Credit, the Qualified Facilities Refundable Tax Credit and the Renewable Energy Tax Investment, among others.

Get Connected

More than 60 fiber, telecomm, broadband and wireless providers are available in Greater Phoenix, offering a robust fiber-optic network.

Access to Other Markets

Arizona offers transportation options including Sky Harbor International Airport, rail-served sites, 6 ports of entry with Mexico, and West Coast port access.